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News March 2016

Wealden and Rother Rural Partnership LEADER Funding Update

How to apply
There are two stages to the application process - an Expression of Interest. Applications are assessed at both stages and only the highest scoring at the Full Application stage will be successful.

Expression of interest stage
Before completing the expression of interest form you should check that you are in the WARR Partnership LEADER area . Next, download the LEADER Applicant Handbook and contact the LEADER Delivery Team here to discuss your project and the application process.

You can then complete the expression of interest form for the relevant LEADER area:
WARR Partnership Guidance
WARR Expression of Interest Form

Send your completed form by email to leader@plumpton.ac.uk
Expressions of Interest will be assessed against a range of criteria including whether your organisation and project are eligible and how well your project fits the LEADER national and local priorities.
Expressions of Interest can be submitted at any time while LEADER is open.
We anticipate that the WARR Partnership LEADER programme will stay open until mid to late 2019.

Full application stage
If the Expression of Interest is successful you will be invited to proceed to the next stage and sent a full application form.
Please note being invited to submit a full application is not a guarantee of grant funding.
At this stage you will need to provide evidence to support your application including:
• quotes for the equipment or work (usually a minimum of three);
• confirmation of other funding sources;
• financial accounts;
• all relevant permissions, and licences (e.g. planning);
• proof of tenancy (if premises are leasehold).

Full applications will be assessed and scored against a range of selection criteria set out in the LEADER applicant handbook.

The LAG decision making panels will meet to consider full applications every two months, they will decide if a full application is successful and if a grant can be awarded.
If you are invited to make a full application the LEADER delivery team will advise you of the date by which your application should be returned. This will usually need to be at least one calendar month before the relevant panel meeting date.